What is a Creative Entrepreneur?

Creative entrepreneurs are ruling the world! Whether you’re a calligraphy artist or a florist, becoming a creative entrepreneur is all about your passion for the art industry. I’m sharing a list of professionals in the creative industry.

I want to let you in on a little behind the scenes. Quite honestly, it took a lot of self discovery to decide where I wanted to pick up again. I was one foot in the door for interior design, and my other foot was back to my virtual assistant roots. I want the best of both worlds. That’s when I decided my niche I want to cater towards creative entrepreneurs.

So what is a creative entrepreneur? Well, wikipedia will tell you it’s an entrepreneur running a business in the art industry. Essentially, creative entrepreneurs are investors in their own talent, and I am all about that! I’ll be your hype girl when it comes to turning your passion into self-employment rock star. I dug a little deeper, but realized majority of my circle of friendships were creative minds.

Wedding Photographers

Weddings have me swooning. I remember planning my own wedding 8 years ago and the artistry behind capturing every moment is so beautiful. Wedding photographers are truly so talented. While a lot of people can have a hard time with the investment, I believe that photos last a lifetime.

Event Planner

I believe this is the most magical career! Event planning is not for the weak, but absolutely for the creative minds. They bring visions to life, whether it’s a wedding, a bridal shower or celebrating the Kentucky Derby. Event planners handle a lot of the stress that goes in to managing vendors, guest lists, stationary and scouting locations. They have their Little Black Book for everything!

Event Planning Gold Place Setting

Interior Designer

Interior Design would be a dream. Playing with textiles, hunting down the perfect lounge chaise for your reading nook, or helping fight the Battle of the Sexes when it comes to wallpaper. An Interior Designers mind can create the most fascinating rooms, whether the budget is large or small. I mentioned earlier that Interior Design was a huge passion of mine and I love to create rooms from the heart.

Interior Designer and couch with blanket

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design has done a full 180 when I was in college. I took a few classes and we focused so much on mediocre tasks. There’s a huge marketing and strategy behind graphic design, but I love that these entrepreneurs can turn a clients vision into projects that are aesthetically pleasing. A few graphic design projects would include; Branding & Logo design, Website Design, Art Directors and so many more!

Graphic Design Creative Entrepreneur


Who wouldn’t want to work with floral arrangements all day?! Floral Designers have the talent to up-level your flower game and create complete masterpieces. One of my favorites (who is a local gal) is Rhiannon Bosse. I LOVE to see her creations on Instagram, and her two little boys are cuties as well. Florists can turn a clients ideas and inspirations, into a real-life fairytale.

Kalamazoo Michigan Bridal Bouquet

Etsy and Online Artists

Thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, the Etsy/Online Artist platform has skyrocketed. Whether you’re looking to add fun stickers to your Yeti, or grab a downloadable PDF birthday card; you can find just about anything on Etsy, there’s a creative mind behind it!

Health and Fitness Coach

Another one of my favorite entrepreneurs are the fitness gurus. This Mama needs all of the help when it comes to diet and nutrition (thank you personal trainer!), health and fitness coaches are a great source. Some may think they aren’t creative, but when you take a look at the programs they create for their clients, its truly talent!

Health and Wellness Coach in Kalamazoo Michigan

So how do my services cater towards these awesome creative entrepreneurs? You’ll have to head over to my previous blog post about what you can outsource to a virtual assistant! 😉

What is a Creative Entrepreneur?

What is a Creative Entrepreneur? - Copper & Ivy Creative

What is a Creative Entrepreneur? - Copper & Ivy Creative

May 26, 2022

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