The Best Kid Friendly Counter Stools

Tired of sacrificing style and aesthetics for your children? I have a round up of The Best Kid Friendly Counter stools for your kitchen!

As a family of five, we spend about 90% of our time in the kitchen. My boys love to have their own seat at the counter and take in all the action whether I’m baking cookies or prepping dinner. I started my search for functional and durable counter stools a few years ago. Three little boys in the family is well…messy. I’m sharing my favorite counter stools that are trendy and easy to wipe clean.

What is the difference between Barstools and Counter stools?

It’s always tricky to find the right size for anything if you’re shopping online. I always like to keep a measuring tape on hand because you’re going to need it when it comes to stools. Bar stools are the tallest option. They average bar stool seat height is 30″. Counter stools are shorter, and perfect for kids. The average seat height for a counter stool is 25″. The take away here is to always measure! You want plenty of leg room whether its for an adult or the children in your family.

The Best Kid Friendly Wood Counter Stools

The pros of wood  stools – easy to wipe clean. I love the durability of wood counter stools and they’ve come along way with aesthetics. Personally, a con for wood counter stools is the comfort level. These are my favorite kid friendly wood counter stools.

The Remo Leather Counter Stool

Kid Friendly Counter Stools, Remo Counter Stool

While it’s technically leather, I love the wood legs on this counter stool.

Classic Cafe Walnut Counter Stool

Kid Friendly Counter Stools, Classic Cafe Counter Stool

The Best Kid Friendly Leather Counter Stools

If you’re looking for a more comfortable counter stool to entertain more than young children, leather is a great option. A leather counter stool brings in texture to your kitchen and they are so easy to wipe clean! I personally chose leather counter stools for my kitchen and I love them! These are other great choices too.

Tristan Counter Stool

Kid Friendly Counter Stools, Tristan Counter Stool

Wayfair Leather Counter Stool

Kid Friendly Counter Stools, Kitchen PU Leather Counter Stool

Opalhouse Woven Counter Stool

Kid Friendly Counter Stools, Woven Counter Stool

Leather Counter Stool

Kid friendly counter stool, leather counter stool

We thrive for beautiful and aesthetically pleasing homes, but what’s even better is finding pieces that are kid-friendly and functional! Save yourself the stress of upholstered stools and opt for leather or wood counter stools. Which one is your favorite?

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The Best Kid Friendly Counter Stools

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February 22, 2023

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