My Work at Home Routine

I think it’s safe to say that a majority of companies are allowing employees to work remotely. Myself on the other hand, have been working from home for a few years. So how do I do it all? Well, I don’t. I’m sharing how I stay motivated and delegate for my work at home routine.

My Work at Home Routine

There are many perks to being your own boss and working from home. If you’re anything like me, I need to set a routine for the week and stick to it or Hello Distractions! I’m sharing a few tips for how I can stay motivated and productive with a work at home routine.


Find the best time of the day for you to get to work. Are you a night owl and love tackling projects when the kids are in bed? Or do you like to be the early bird and hit the gym so you can sweat and start working by 9am? I consider myself the latter. My kids are early risers so it’s easy for me to get up and get going. I typically have my coffee while we run out the door for the bus stop, that way I can drop off the boys and spend an hour at the gym before I get started with work tasks.

It’s so important to know what time of day is best for you. I’m an afternoon slump kinda gal, so it’s hard for me to stay productive while fighting the urge to nap!

Work at Home Routine and productivity

Lunch Break

I find it crucial for me to take a lunch break around 12:30pm. I mentioned previously, that my highest time for productivity is in the morning. Dedicating a lunch break in my schedule allows me to step away, fuel my body and stay off the screen for 30-40 minutes. Also, it never hurts to take a few extra minutes for puppy snuggles or to sneak in to see my 2 year old for some kisses.

Work at Home Routine to stay productive


This is crucial for my work at home routine. I have a great support system at home to help with my three boys. Life gets crazy. A few things I outsource in our home include:

  • Housecleaning
  • Childcare
  • Grocery delivery
  • Dog walking (although I try to do this on my lunch break)

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Work at Home Routine to stay motivated


I can tell you from experience, working from home is no walk in the park. I think a lot of you can agree that the pandemic changed the game in good ways and bad. As a family of 5, it is critical for me to find the balance. I prioritize my health and my family over everything. A great tool for keeping yourself in check is ClickUp. I love writing lists for each project I’m working on. This allows me to plan my week and time block.

Work at Home Routine for Balance

I hope these ideas can help you with your work at home routine! Comment below or share with me on IG how your tackling #remotework

My Work at Home Routine

My Work at Home Mom Routine for Productivity

Work at Home Routine Feature Image

June 23, 2022

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