Cozy Bathroom Update

I’m so excited to share with you my first house project from last summer! I took the boys small bathroom and added paint and new lighting. Gave it a cozy bathroom update!

A little unknown fact about me, bathrooms stump me. I don’t know what it is, but I always do some hardcore inspiration before throwing together a bathroom. When we purchased our home in 2021, my brain was in over drive with every room I wanted to transform. So I started small and we worked our way through it. This bathroom is rarely used, so I didn’t want to get too costly. Fresh paint and lighting for this cozy bathroom update!

Cozy bathroom update with sherwin williams paint

I knew we didn’t want to change out fixtures and demo bath tubs, so I stuck with update the paint and lighting and added some decor. I loved these sconces from Lowes. They were cute and totally matched the vibe of the home. Coastal Plains is a favorite of mine by Sherwin Williams. If you know me, then you know sage green is my color of the moment. It’s so calming and peaceful!

Cozy bathroom update, bamboo blinds and sconce

cozy bathroom update, bamboo blinds and wall sconce

I bought almost all of the decor from At Home or Hobby Lobby. I’ll provide links below for similar items. Our windows are original and they are SO charming! I switched out the curtains for bamboo shades, which I am now obsessed with and I want them everywhere!

cozy bathroom update, succulents and candles

cozy bathroom update, hang your towels

cozy bathroom update, new decor and fresh paint

I hope you enjoyed the photos of our cozy bathroom update. I always love to source anything I can. Let me know what you think! What rooms do you love to dive into?!

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Cozy Bathroom Update

cozy bathroom update, pinterest image

cozy bathroom update, fresh paint and new decor

July 31, 2022

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