25 Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

Anyone will tell you, the best kept secret in starting your business, is to start blogging. This is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and convert your viewers into clients. One of the biggest hurdles, knowing what to write! I’m taking the guess work out and sharing 25 blog post ideas for interior designers!

25 Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

One of my most asked questions when it comes to blogging – What do I write?! So I’m here to provide some awesome blog post ideas so you can convert that traffic into paying customers!

25 Blog post ideas, Interior designer

How to write for Interior Design?

The thing with interior design is no projects are ever finished at the same time. There is a revolving door of creating, drafting, designing etc. This gives designers a great opportunity to showcase their projects and provide tips & tricks.

Interior Design Advice

There are plenty of clients that become stumped with interior design and that’s when you come in! Use these topics to lead the way for your audience. Give them insight to what a client relationship looks like when they work with you.

  1. How to Design Trouble Areas
  2. How to design and stick to a budget
  3. Save vs. Splurge
  4. FAQ’S
  5. Advice for living through a renovation

Styling & Decor Advice

A lot of questions I receive when I design personally is “how did you do it?!” Make these blog posts educational on how they can upgrade their backyard patio, or incorporating patterns into a room.

  1. How To Mix Patterns
  2. How to Style a Bed
  3. How to style a mantel
  4. How to style your backyard patio
  5. How to style bookshelves


Everyone loves a good review. I know the first thing I do when I’m making an investment is read all of the customer feedback! Showcase your favorite local hardware store, or choose a brand of lighting that you love and can last forever.

  1. Local furniture store
  2. Best interior/exterior lighting
  3. Best bang for your buck
  4. Local Home Tour
  5. Local Design event

Interior Design Trends

Ahh, the wonderful interior design trends. This topic is always changing, so choose a few design trends and share your thoughts. Check out the color of the year, and how your clients can bring it to life in their home.

  1. How to Style a Gallery Wall
  2. Color of the Year
  3. Mixing Textures
  4. How to repurpose decor
  5. Smart home trends


Who doesn’t love a good front porch?! That’s always my favorite to decorate for the holidays. While 80% of your content should be Evergreen, have some fun with seasonal blog posts! Spring cleaning is huge for the month of March, showcase your favorite containers and how you organize a pantry. Clients will love it!

  1. Front Porch Christmas Decor
  2. Spring Cleaning and Organization
  3. Sumer Entertaining
  4. Beginners guide to starting a Garden
  5. Thanksgiving Tablescape that Wows

Let me know what you think of these blog post ideas. I’m always open to more! And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, head over to our Contact Me page and let me handle the blogging!

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25 Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

25 Blog post Ideas for Interior Designers

25 Blog Post Ideas, Interior Designer Office

July 6, 2022

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